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Grundtvig Movement of Nigeria (GMN) is a non-profit NGO registered by the Federal Government of Nigeria under the Land (Perpetual Succession) Act Cap. 98. It is committed to the practice, propagation and development of “Education for Life” in Nigeria. We work to equip students with positive attitudes, discipline, self confidence, awareness and initiative necessary for successful living.

Our schools are founded on our rich tradition and the Education-for-Life philosophy of Bishop NFS Grundtvig of Denmark (1783-1872). This philosophy has inspired schools in other parts of the world, including the USA, and was extolled by US President Barack Obama at the 2016 Nordic State Dinner. Grundtvig’s work “ended up having a ripple effect on the civil rights movement,” Obama said, adding he “might not be standing here” were it not for his teachings.

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Knowledge is a good servant, but life must come first…Let us not deck the youth out with knowledge and give them the claws of wild beasts so they can accumulate worldly goods.

Christen Kold (1816-1870).